Since established in 1986, Togay Tic.Koll.Sti. has been working on manufacture, sales and marketing of replacement (aftermarket) spare parts for construction equipment and earthmoving machines.


We are exporting Turkish products, and importing some well known brands... 

Mainly we can offer you thee products;

1- Seal groups for track roller, front idler, carrier roller; seal ass. final drive
        ( 5K5288, 9G5343, 1M8747, 170-27-00023, 175-30-00702, 593753, 4153731...etc...)

2- Engine, Transmission, Hydraulic oil coolers
        ( 7N0165, 7C3039, 2W0999, 92302700, 1W0220, 6711-61-5300....etc....)

3- Fuel injection lines and pump parts
        ( 4P9381-86, 8N4371-76, 6I0031-38, 6138-71-5111--61....etc...)

4- Wear rings and teflon rings
        ( 2K0713, 3K0109, 6G3206, 8S3371, 8S3372, 424-46-12162, 8J1620.....etc...)

5- Track roller and front idler shafts, bushing, collar...palette pin and bushings
        ( 5K0305, 9M9758, 8G1450, 9S0313, 8P5703, 6T0720, 3P1900, 8S5801
          9S0311, 5M0627, 5M5003, 7G1901, 9P0202, 175-30-23121, 175-30-36108
          6B5502, 4M5991, 6Y0922, 20Y-32-11140.....etc....)

6- Fuel tank caps, track parts, clamp, stud, ....etc...
        ( 5M5000, 4B5441, 7X7700, 19M-04-11220, 8S0248, 1V3323, 1P1013, 2M1163
          9M6692, 4K7348, 9S0310, 6H7382, 2P0347, 2S5925, 07959-20000, 4B1398
          7J9600, 9J2358, 175-78-21810, 4S5877, 7M1225, 8M2620,
          5M2667, 5V2974, 4D4064....etc...)

7- Rubber seals, and rubber materials, maunts, pads
        ( 8E5450, 1S5347, 6P7639, 7G4332, 9Y1654, 6T0960, 3W2207,9Y7149.....etc....)

8- Screew,  by original no or size.

9- Coolers, radiators, aftercoolers
        ( 7E 5747, 2W5540, 4P0897, 6222-61-6110, 2P1332.....etc...)

10- Metal rings, water pump and parts, air compresor and parts

11- Air filter covers, air cleeners etc..

12- Graydar strip, washer and shims


Also we are importing some well know brans to serv inner market

1- Bulldog seals, orings, gasket kits, seal kits, ...etc...

2- NOK seal

3- Varvit bolts

4- Disa nozzle

5- Some Japanese seals, couplin, rings etc..


We are focused on customers satisfaction, and keeping strong our communication with you. We are here and wait your e-mail, fax or postal documents to answer your questions, solve your problems immediately. Whatever your documents or whatever your ask of spare parts may be, there is a man in Togay Tic., ready to deal with the topic. So keep going to communicate with us...